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Trusted Life Coach & Certified Energy Healer

A now recognized empath since early childhood with a magical way with words, connecting with strangers and friends alike through conversations didn't seem like a gift. It wasn't until 15 years later of having people come to me for relatable advice, comfort, and simply a listening ear where they felt safe and able to "open up", that I started to realize there WAS something special about how I had the ability to cheer people up or help them feel empowered. Yet after five academic degrees, two focused on Communication Studies and a minor in Urban Poverty Policy, seven years in the human and social services fields, numerous public speaking roles, and facilitated workshops; nothing sparked the passion I had for helping others like intimate engaging conversations about life's struggles with everyday people. And what was even more fulfilling, they would confirm how much I had helped them-- some saying I'd "changed their lives and perspectives" and others suggesting I "become a life coach".


Raised as a non-denominational Christian since birth, I had spent my teen and early adult years reconciling my faith with the values and principles to which I had been taught all those years in church, Bible study, vacation Bible camp and in school. I was determined to ensure my own spiritual journey was mine; and that nothing I had been told was anything I hadn't researched and trusted for myself. I began reading the Bible again, reading other religious texts, researching and studying more historical and geopolitical resources. I forced myself to study science from a more open-minded perspective -- leading to my belief that spirituality/religion/science support each other & have different purposes and values within varying contexts. And as one could imagine, that journey began including questioning religious traditions and creating chaos within my own family dynamics. But I was reassured in my own convictions that as long as I was true to myself, God and my faith would carry me through whatever I would face.  


In March of 2020, I was awakened to a new level of consciousness that would transform the way I see the world through universal consciousness & love. I discovered duality and unity in the midst of polarity. And through the teachings of Universal Laws,  studies of the Human Energy System (auric & subtle bodies); and expansion of cosmic energy and its impacts (astrology), I would learn there’s more essence to the human soul & higher levels of consciousness to explore & discover. 


And through this discovery, my passion for my purpose of healing the collective with my words, my compassion, and powerful energy was REIGNITED. I enrolled into a holistic institute to receive my energy healing certifications and my certification as a Reiki Master, to ensure that I can serve each and every one of you by being a Divine channel for your own powerful healing. Yet as I acquired this new knowledge and understanding, I came to the stark realization that NONE of the information contradicted my own religious and spiritual beliefs. You see, having committed to an authentic, personal journey of finding myself all of those years prior helped me understand that there is value for every element and part of THE JOURNEY. And each element resonates with each level of our own consciousness or awareness. That realization allowed me to be more flexible in my own reception to how ALL concepts apply to my reality. Religion has its value and purpose in my life-- it is a tool and resource, but now I have expanded upon it.


No matter how much we seemingly have it together, every person can utilize professional guidance and/or support from another who has wisdom, love and knowledge to share. And it is my greatest intent that in embarking on that journey with ME, you will be educated, empowered and grow in self-love through FAITH. Everything in our life BEGINS with self, whether you know it or not. With me you will learn more about this concept; how it materializes and/or shows up; and most importantly, how to use this concept to attract unlimited abundance and joy into your life, while adding the same to the people's lives who come into your energetic frequency. You will gain the understanding, tools and techniques for balancing your own personal healing energy; as well as receiving upgrades and clearings of energetic blocks that will improve the conditions of your mind, body, and soul. If you're looking for guidance that serves as the bridge between therapy and coaching, you've found the right person. Let me help you create new goals for your life to take action towards; and/or learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. Get in touch today to see how you can "raise your vibes" with me.

---- Devyn ----

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman